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Best Black Friday Plugin Deals for Music Producers 2021

It’s that time of the year! Black Friday is upon us — the ‘%’ signs are appearing everywhere. Here is my list for the top 5 best Black Friday plugin deals for music producers this Black Friday on the 26th of November 2021.

#1 – Waves Free Plug-in & Sale

Best Black Friday Deals for Waves
Waves – CLA EchoSphere

The first deal is the upcoming ambiguous free plugin by Waves. Each Black Friday, waves releases a new FREE plugin. Of course, not being the first time. In 2020, waves released the CLA EchoSphere inspired by the legendary Lexicon 480L hardware reverb owned by Christ Lord-Alge. For 2021, we are hoping for something as similarly amazing! In addition to the next plug-in release, Waves is turning up the heat with some early-bird Black Friday deals too!

Check out the Waves Black Friday deals here: WAVES BLACK FRIDAY SALE

#2 – Plugin Alliance Black Friday Sale

Plugin Alliance Bettermaker EQ232D
Plugin Alliance – Bettermaker EQ232D

Although there is no free plug-in on the table, you can bag yourself a few free high quality plugins just for signing up! Plugin Alliance has just wrapped up their BLACKLIST plugin sale where we saw plugins discounted to just $29.99 from their original retail premium with VSTs such as the Bettermaker EQ232D selling for just $69.99. Without a doubt, Plugin Alliance offers some of the best Black Friday plugin deals available with amazing value yet the best quality in the industry. We can expect the same deals from Plugin Alliance this year with prices as low as $29.99, or less to mailing list members with free vouchers.

Check out the Plugin Alliance website here to sign-up and get prepared for their next sale on Black Friday: PLUGIN ALLIANCE WEBSITE

#3 iZotope Black Friday Plugin Deals

The Best of the Best Black Friday Deals at iZotope
iZotope – Ozone, VocalSynth and Vinyl Plugins

For the absolute best discounts, look no further than iZotope. With their latest plugins seeing cuts of up to 95% (or starting at just $49), your bank account will forgive you for purchasing an iZotope product at this time. Including stand-alone products, iZotope are also sharing bundles such as their Platinum Holiday Bundles – originally priced at $1,899 you can have access to some of the greatest and easiest to use plugins available for just $99.

Check out the iZotope website for more information: IZOTOPE BLACK FRIDAY SALE

#4 Sonnox Deals From Just £28.75/$38.58

Sonnox Offers for Black Friday 2021
Sonnox – Oxford Reverb and Oxford Inflator

Sonnox is a seldom-seen plugin company these days. Despite this, they remain one of the most prominent entities in any professional recording studio VST collection. With Avid HDX capabilities, Sonnox offers some of the most powerful plugins such as their Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter, or my personal favourite – the Oxford Reverb. This reverb offers an extremely natural reverberation sound that I adore and use on many productions and mixes.

Check out some more of the best Black Friday plugin deals with Sonnox: SONNOX PLUGIN DEALS

#5 Soundtoys – Up to 70% Off!

Soundtoys Sale
Soundtoys – Decapitator, Crystalliser, Devli-Loc and Little Alterboy

Soundtoys rarely put on a good sale, so this Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on some of the best tools for sound design, distortion and manipulation. Modelled after various famous pieces of hardware, the Decapitator offers an amazing distortion/saturation sound that is full of depth and character. Plugins such as Crystallizer and Little Altarboy enable you to design and modify sounds in intricate ways — Soundtoys truly offers some magnificently essential plugins.

See their website for some amazing offers: SOUNDTOYS SALE

Honourable Mentions

Plugin Boutique

Black Friday Plugin Deals on Plugin Boutique
Plugin Boutique – Website

Including most of the above offers, Plugin Boutique is an amazing platform where you can purchase a vast array of plugins including Sonnox, Native Instruments and Mastering The Mix.

See the Plugin Boutique website for more amazing offers: OFFERS ON PLUGIN BOUTIQUE

Vasonic Mastering Deals

Of course being our blog, we can’t neglect our very own deals. Throughout November 2021, we are providing our professional mastering services at just £19.99 per song. Contact us to find out more!

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