Website Updates

Our website has now seen many new updates and improvements over the past few months. Recently we have revamped our website further. Firstly, we have introduced Facebook Messenger for Vasonic’s website. This will enable our clients to easily access a live web-chat in order to… Read More »Website Updates

Our New Homepage

You may have noticed something different over the past few days with our site… arrows appearing at the bottom of our page headers and such… We’ve been re-considering our user experience (UX) of our website; introducing a sleeker content-focused approach to our headers. We have… Read More »Our New Homepage

Hello world!

Welcome to our shiny new (partly developed) website! To introduce myself, my names Mathew, and I’m the founder, managing director and lead audio engineer at Vasonic. I created Vasonic as a way to provide bespoke audio services at the highest caliber of sonic fidelity. Many… Read More »Hello world!