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Experienced Producers

Our audio production services are carried out by experienced producers.

Includes Mastering

After production, we will offer to mix and master your record at no additional cost.

Work with You

We work with you to ensure that your track is produced to taste.

About this service.

Our audio production services provides you with the necessary expertise to take a demo to a final professional recording. Including mixing and mastering so that your track is ready for distribution.

All Vasonic services are currently online only, this means that you will need to be able to have access to recording equipment if you would like to record your own vocals or other instrumentation. 

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How it works.

Our comprehensive music production service includes both mixing and mastering. Each project will be discussed with you prior to work commencing. We will agree on the vision for the track and update you with progress so that you have control over the style, genre, arrangement and composition of the recording. After production is complete, post-production services are offered at no additional cost to ensure your new song is ready for distribution.


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We'll work on your track whilst providing you with progress updates.

*Any fees due must be paid prior to final delivery.


You will receive the first version of the complete record within 14 days.

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