Top 4 New Features of Logic Pro 10.7

New Interface

With the release of 10.7, Logic Pro has a refreshed interface. Building on the various redesigns and enhancements of macOS Big Sur and Monterey.

Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos

10.7 also introduces Dolby Atmos as well as Spatial Audio for Apple Music to Logic Pro. This enables music to be mixed in a three-dimensional space where even height can be perceived by the listener. This opens up a new dimension to mixing audio. Being able to author mixes in ambisonics also enables music to be submitted as a Dolby Atmos mix to Apple Music.

MIDI 2.0

Although a small feature, it has to be my favourite. MIDI 2.0 is finally making a mainstream appearance in the latest release of Logic Pro. This enables MIDI to be finer in resolution and for automation to both sound and feel closer to the analogue world.

Complete or Simplified Modes

For the beginner or casual artist, nothing is worse than an overwhelming amount of buttons and features that you may not need. A huge benefit of Logic Pro 10.7 is that switching between complete and simplified modes is even easier than before.

Logic Pro 10.7 is free to all existing users where Logic Pro is still only £179 on the Mac App Store for new users or as part of the ~£216 Pro Apps for Education bundle. There is also a 90-day free trial for anyone keen to try out Logic Pro today.

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