Web Development Update 1

Our website is almost fully operational. While there’s some minor fixes and bugs to be identified, our website is almost complete! This week, we are aiming to completely finish all of our website pages. Over the past couple of weeks, we have taken our website from just a simple home page to a near full-fledged website.

While the core of our development process has been completed with desktop computers, this means that our tablet and mobile versions of our site potentially will not work as expected. This is to say, make sure to visit our website via desktop until further notice. We aim to optimise our website over the coming weeks when all of our pages are completed.

Here’s some of the things what we’ve done over the past couple weeks:

  • Created Services, Mixing, Mastering pages.
  • Reconfigured the FAQ page.
  • Implemented an A/B audio player for our potential clients to view before and after comparisons with ease.
  • Various improvements to every single page:
    • Implemented full size headers.
    • Removed header background across primary and some secondary pages.
    • Fade in animations to page elements.
    • Implemented social media and mailing list sign up widgets to the bottom of most pages.
    • Readability and SEO improvements.
    • Implemented a new blog page.
  • Implemented Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.
  • Various bug and performance fixes.

Here’s what we still need to do:

  • Implement service request form.
  • Bring website page load times down.
  • Correct bugs on iOS.

Stay tuned to our blog page for more development updates!

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