Why is Mixing Important?

Mixing is more important than ever in music. With a forever increasing catalogue of songs to stream on Spotify, your music needs to stand out.

If you already have a great song at heart, employing a mix engineer will be a sure-fire way to ensure that your song has the best possible sonic quality prior to mastering.

Whilst as previously discussed, mastering is simply a process of preparing your track for distribution. Mixing on the other-hand is the process that defines the sonic quality of your song. It’s the process that creates the width, depth and silky ‘3D’ crystal-clear sound.

Mixing is what makes your music sound amazing. In combination with mastering your music can then sound amazing but also on all sound-systems from headphones, to portable blue-tooth speakers and of course your car or phone.

At Vasonic, we offer a range of audio engineering services, however we in particular specialise in mixing and mastering. Feel free to browse our website, or click here to find out more!

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